The last couple of years have witnessed the health & wellness communities move towards using CBD as it is found to offer natural relief to everyone including seniors. It also takes care of their health conditions. According to studies conducted, CBD is said to offer relief naturally to over 50 health conditions including MS (multiple sclerosis), arthritis, various stress-related disorders, epilepsy, etc.

What is CBD all about?                                                                                         

CBD is in short for ‘cannabidiol oil’ and helps to treat a wide range of symptoms. It is rather a compound named cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. CBD concentrations are found in the oil and its uses vary greatly. The popular compound in cannabis is THC or delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, considered to be an active agent present in marijuana. THCA and CBD are present in marijuana, with both having different types of effects. If it is cooked or smoked, then THC might alter the mind, since heat breaks it down. But CBD, unlike THC, is not regarded to be psychoactive, which means the mind is not altered with its usage. But, there can be witnessed significant changes in the body, thereby deriving medical benefits.

Know the benefits of CBD

  • Enhances bone health: Due to the natural aging of the human body, a condition termed Osteoporosis is often endured by many. In this case, the bones lose vital minerals, thus becoming brittle and fragile and hence, prone to breaking. Severe fractures and pain may be felt if the person slips and falls down. It is found common among seniors over the age of 50. Besides promoting cell repair and reducing inflammation it also strengthens the bones and promotes the healing process, if there are experienced any fracture.
  • Help control and alleviate pain: Inflammation and pain accompanied with it can become unbearable at times. CBD can help alleviate the condition and is regarded to be a boon especially by those who suffer from arthritis and chronic pain. CBD has proven to alleviate pain arising from conditions like multiple sclerosis, joint pain, arthritis and reduce inflammation. It tends to activate the different receptors within the Endocannabinoid system. Those provided treatment with CBD has experienced a significant clinical reduction in pain associated with symptoms with negligible to no side effects. It is also currently regarded to be a wonderful and natural alternative to using traditional pain medications.
  • Combats addiction: As people get affected by any health condition, the very first solution prescribed by the qualified doctors is appropriate medication. Although conventional medicine might offer temporary relief, it will only lead to increasing the dosages taken, thus leading to a dependency on it and damaging the body. With CBD, not only the conditions are alleviated, but also it becomes possible to do away with harmful medication. CBD is known to combat addiction through relapse prevention. Administration of CBD once in a day for a week has shown no addictive behaviors by the patient. It also has successfully deterred patients from getting relapsed for 5 months.
  • Improves sleep quality: Insomnia is a sleep disorder condition that people of all ages may suffer from and it is common among seniors. It is caused due to changes in sleeping patterns combined with a chemical imbalance which might be because of prescription medication and medical conditions Sleep is the time for toxins to be eliminated by the human body and restore it to normalcy. Sleeping medications are taken by people suffering from sleeping disorders. Although a temporary solution may be availed, in a longer time frame, it only creates bigger problems. CBD is found to combat several conditions of sleeping disorders like anxiety, stress, general unbalanced experienced by the body and restlessness. When taken, it calms the mind and promotes much healthier sleep. It also prevents the intake of harmful sleeping medications.
  • Alleviates mood associated disorders and improves mood: Mood swings is common among all ages, but it only increases with age, disabilities, a decline in health or loss of any beloved person. Mood swings only intensify with time. If prolonged, they will only create major health issues the person is likely to develop mental illness if they find themselves to be isolated, lonely, neglected or disconnected. CBD can help alleviate such conditions effectively. With CBD, the receptors like Adenosine and Serotonin, which regulate moods, are interacted with. It also improves cognitive functions, calms the mind and alleviates stress.
  • Improves heart health: Heart disease is considered to be a common condition among those who have crossed their 40s and is also the cause of death. Majority of the world population suffer from very high blood pressure, which is termed to be the main cause for the development of various heart conditions. CBD is proven to be a natural and effective treatment to tackle high blood pressure. Its antioxidant properties also help to reduce cardiac inflammation as well as deter cell death that is caused due to oxidative stress.