Pets like dogs and cats are excellent partners for those who love to stay connected with the gifts of nature and enjoy every moment of their life. But if the pet has become sick, then the situation can become really stressful, since there will be a genuine need to identify the most appropriate treatments and medicines to do away with their ailments. Although various types of medicines and treatments are available, they are not likely to be effective on all types and breeds of dogs. Moreover, these medicines might come with several unwanted side effects, thus leading to diminished functionality.

Introduction of CBD as an alternative

CBD is found to be beneficial for the pet’s health and promotes homeostasis, something crucial to balance temperature and to provide therapeutic effects. Prior to knowing the benefits, it will be necessary to understand what CBD is all about.

  • This cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant
  • Hemp is the cannabis plant species for extraction of CBD
  • It is possible to extract Cannabinoids of different types from cannabis plan.
  • No toxic level, means, no overdosage
  • Low THC amount
  • Does not get the pet high

CBD benefits for dogs

Numerous benefits are present of which some are given below:

  • Pain killer: Its intake can help stop anandamide absorption, considered to be a natural pain killer. With anandamide in increased levels in the blood, it reduces pain sensations.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Immune response is evoked, thereby reducing inflammation. There is also a reduction in pain that is caused due to bowel irritation or arthritis, etc.
  • Anti-anxiety: Having an anti-anxiety effect, it diminishes different phobias and stress. Serotonin receptors are targeted to increase the serotonin level to curb fear and anxiety.
  • Anti-convulsant: It restores abnormal neuron functioning, which otherwise leads to tremors and seizures. With CBD, seizures are eliminated.
  • Anti-cancer: Pets are commonly affected by malicious tumors which require them to avail chemotherapy, which in turn causes side effects.CBD is proven to have anti-cancerous features to slow down tumor growth and reduce size.
  • Anti-emetic: It controls nausea and vomiting. Treatments like chemotherapy do cause nausea and loss of appetite, something that can be controlled by CBD.

CBD can be termed to be a miracle medicine available for pets and has displayed excellent effectiveness to treat various types of ailments, thus saving the dog for spending lots of time at the veterinary and medicines.